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Top-  Mi Golondrina , Earrings-  Dear Hannah , Sunglasses-  Ray-Ban

Top- Mi Golondrina, Earrings- Dear Hannah, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

TCU runs deep in our family and we truly bleed purple! I graduated in 87’, my hubby in 77’, and Kennedy, our daughter, is a junior and the 19th family member to attend our alma mater!  My mother-in-law and father-in-law began our purple journey many, many years ago.  My father-in-law, “Floppy” Blackmon, began by playing football and was recruited to the basketball team.  They met in the cafeteria their freshman year and it was love at first sight.  They paved the way for the remaining 17 of us!  When I met my husband Greg, we were blessed to have our Horned Frog connection!  We have had a long time tradition of walking to the home football games from my in-laws after “tailgating” in our homes.  It’s much cooler, LOL!  We continue this tradition and enjoy entertaining friends and family before the games.  As you can imagine, my closet is a sea of purple!  I try to incorporate new purple pieces each year but have a difficult time letting go of some tried and true staples.  Year after year TCU has had suggested white out games, black out games and purple games but it seems this year we are all purple!!  Lucky for me, I’m very well prepared. GO FROGS!!!

Dress-  Ramy Brook , Earrings-  Team RLN , Sandals-  Valentino

Dress- Ramy Brook, Earrings- Team RLN, Sandals- Valentino

Bracelet + Ring-  Lagos

Bracelet + Ring- Lagos


Top + Skirt-  Apricot Lane Boutique , Earrings-  Lawrence’s , Necklace-  JewelzbyHanz

Top + Skirt- Apricot Lane Boutique, Earrings- Lawrence’s, Necklace- JewelzbyHanz


Scarf-  Spirit Snob , Sunglasses-  Ray-Ban , Earrings-  Team RLN

Scarf- Spirit Snob, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban, Earrings- Team RLN

Top-  Apricot Lane Boutique , Earrings-  Lawrence’s , Jeans-  AG

Top- Apricot Lane Boutique, Earrings- Lawrence’s, Jeans- AG

It’s still HOT here in Fort Worth, TX but I wanted to share some of my favorite purple Fall/Winter looks too as it does in fact get cold here in Texas at some point…we hope, LOL!

Faux Fur Jacket-  Michael Kors , Belt-  Double R

Faux Fur Jacket- Michael Kors, Belt- Double R


Coat-  Burberry , Belt-  Double R , Jeans-  AG , Boots-  Stuart Weitzman

Coat- Burberry, Belt- Double R, Jeans- AG, Boots- Stuart Weitzman



Scarf-  Missoni , Denim-  AG , Boots-  Stuart Weitzman

Scarf- Missoni, Denim- AG, Boots- Stuart Weitzman

  1. Ellen says:

    I ???????????????? it all!! Purple is my all-time favorite color, no matter what shade. I love your game day outfit, plus the shaggy purple coat. Gorgeous!!

  2. Melinda Griffin says:

    Beautiful! Love all of the outfits. You look great in any outfit or color. Always glamorous!!

  3. Gayjoy Bryars says:

    Great ideas and a beautiful selection for supporting our Frogs. Love the accessories as well.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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