Mother’s Day Perfumes

Fragrance!!! What an incredibly personal choice when making your selections! I must admit I have not ventured out as I have my tried-and-true brands I love. However, I WANT so badly to find a new signature scent….so badly, I can literally smell it!! Pun intended!! LOL! I find myself standing in front of so many bottles filled with delicious scents for hours and leave empty-handed! How do you continue to try multiple fragrances when you have sensory overload after the first two or three? Ugh!! So many decisions and I have honestly found myself drawn to the beautiful bottles and luxurious names all to discover…they don’t smell fabulous on me! Body chemistry…now there’s another factor!!! There is also a long list of adjectives….”If you’re looking for something that smells fresh and citrusy without wafting into the danger zone of sickly-sweet, this beloved bottle with scents of apple, cedar, bluebell and bamboo is clean and sophisticated, perfect for the office-bound.” WHAT??? I have done a bit of research on popular fragrances with a variety of price points. Oh….I am sharing with you my very favorites as well. Enjoy!


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