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You may have met Lynn on Episode 25, The Art of Juggling it All on my podcast, My So-Called Fabulous, where she shared her incredible story.  If you haven’t listened…it’s a must!!  I learn so much from Lynn, I decided to have her back on the podcast to help me get my life a bit more orderly, which will release tomorrow on episode 62.  

Lynn is a life organizer and time management expert. Oh, and by the way, she is a full-time attorney, mom, wife, blogger, dance teacher, and host of the Life in Motion podcast. She does it all!  I am so impressed with Lynn as she truly loves helping busy women and business owners that struggle to find the time to “balance” it all.  Lynn inspires a practical, tangible and works for a sense of “I can do this” for busy women everywhere.  She proves by moving away from the concept of work-life balance and into the realm of work-life integration.  Even the most overwhelmed women can reduce stress and manage all the hats they may wear in a day.  

As Lynn realized her gift, she now draws on the world of billable hours and real-world experience to deliver integrated strategies.  The goal with each client is to eliminate chaos and overwhelm by creating balance.   Balance that will boost productivity and achieve harmony in all aspects of life, work, mind, body, and soul.  Lynn helps busy women save time, reduce stress and achieve work-life alignment one time-block at time.

Check out Lynn on her podcast, website and Instagram for invaluable information!  Also, her Life In Motion Planner is FABULOUS! 

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Be Sure To Tune In Tuesday when our Podcast Episode 62 Goes Live !! Stay Fabulous Friends!

XOXO, Tiffany

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