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Over 10 years ago, I was introduced to fabulous Trish McEvoy products! I started out with a few basic products, fell in love and now I would say 80% of my makeup products are Trish. I am a loyal customer! I share with you the products I use and of course a few on my wish list of things to try. I typically apply and natural, yet elegant and classic look that is flawless and effortless. Oh……and what a FABULOUS Mother’s Day gift, Trish McEvoy Planners. Trish’s makeup planners and refillable palettes, completely customizable and portable! I LOVE the ease and convenience of mine, especially when traveling. Enjoy!!

Even Skin® Water Foundation
Instant Eye Lift® Undereye Treatment Concealer
Correct & Brighten® Shadow Eraser Pen
Wet/Dry Even Skin® Brush
Beauty Booster® Soothe and Illuminate Cream
Correct and Even Full-Face Perfector™
Beauty Booster® Lip & Cheek Color
Essential Lip Pencil
Medium Makeup Wardrobing® Refillable Magnetic Page
FAST-TRACK™ Highlight Stick
Power Of Makeup® Carpe Love Celebration Set (This is perfect if you can’t decide what to try – you can stock up your makeup bag with this set that includes all the essentials!!)

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