Summer Cocktails & Style: Dress Like Your Drink

7 Outfits to Match Your Favorite Summer Cocktail

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I think a person’s favorite drink says a lot about them. With that in mind, if you’ve got good taste in drinks… Why not allow your wardrobe to match?! Summer is a season known for its wide array of delicious, fruity, and refreshing seasonal cocktails. I thought it would be fun to create a few looks inspired by the colorful garnishes of these summer staple sips. Coordinate your drink this summer with looks and cocktails that truly embody the essence of summer!

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A Sangria Summer

If you love sangria you probably gravitate towards the vibrant and festive things in life… drinks, colors, you name it! Whether you’re opting for white sangria or the traditional red sangria, make sure you’re looking the part with this chic and color-filled look!

Margarita Mamacita

There’s no shortage of fabulous margarita recipes out there, but my personal favorite will always be my Skinny Margarita recipe! Whether you prefer frozen or on the rocks, this look is the perfect way to match your marg! Don’t forget to pair it with this glass! Code TIFFANY20 for 20% off the bracelet stack.

Aperol Spritz Bliss

If you’re an Aperol Spritz fan it’s safe to say you love a summer classic… just like this fabulous orange dress. Style with your favorite pair of summer sandals, grab your Le Spritz glass, and enjoy this crisp summer sip and style!

The Mint in my Mojito

If a mojito is your go-to summer drink, you’re probably a lover of the classics, the tropics, and all the summer vibes! I mean… What’s more refreshing than mint, lime, and a hint of rum?! This fabulous statement dress pairs well with the simple elegance of a mojito! If you’re looking for a matching set, I’m loving this top and the matching shorts

If You Like Piña Coladas

Perfectly blended, Piña Coladas are a classic and the ideal sweet summer treat! Top your drink (and outfit) with a cherry and enjoy! Pssst… I’m also crushing on the top and skirt in this matching set!

A Martini Too Chic to Espresso

Espresso Martinis are bold, sophisticated, energetic, and deserve a chic ensemble to match! When I think of Espresso Martinis I think of a social setting that calls for this fabulous day to night dress.

Hair of The Dog… or The Puppy!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know The Puppy is my signature cocktail! This light, sophisticated, and chic cocktail is my modern twist on the classic Greyhound. Pairs best with chic and light shades of pink! 20% off this bracelet stack with code TIFFANY20.

I hope you enjoyed this fun list of summer sips and outfit pairings! Cheers, friends, and as always… Keep being fabulous! 

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