National Daughter’s Day


Today is National Daughter’s Day and I am blessed to honor my fabulous daughter, Kennedy. Kennedy is undoubtedly the maternal love of my life but I am truly unable to find the right words when I describe our bond and friendship. Can a mother and daughter be best friends?  I have asked professionals, friends and poured through research unable to find the actual answer I would like. I understand there is a parenting role that is present and fair enough, this makes sense but still, can parents and children be best friends?



I am not saying when Kennedy was 14, she was my best friend, but perhaps this is what research is describing, parenting comes first. During her tweens and teens, I never tried to be that “cool mom” to try and win the respect of my daughter; the respect was always there. During much younger years I would worry if us being overly close would stifle her sense of self and independence. However, a mother-daughter relationship is much more comprehensive than any best friendship. 

I think when we truly moved to the friendship we have today was over the past few years, especially when she began her 20’s and I settled into a new maturity.  Recently, she has occasionally parented me. Sharing prospective and advise on new world subjects, I truly needed her direction and wisdom. Bottom line, Kennedy is a special young woman with countless attributes of a daughter and a friend. Thank goodness she is mine.  I love you precious one!! Happy Daughter’s Day!! 

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