Kennedy Turns 21!

Milestone celebrations that occur during a world-wide pandemic require quite a bit of creativity.  Our daughter, Kennedy turned 21 on April 29th and her celebration was nothing short of fabulous!! The plan was to have a beautiful gathering at one of her favorite restaurants with all of her friends and family in attendance but that had to take a turn this year. Most of you know, I ADORE planning a gathering, especially one of significance. Our precious friend, Hilary Hamilton suggested a surprise birthday parade. I had seen a few of these on social media and really didn’t realize the magnitude of the impression it would make on Kennedy. 62 people quickly replied YES and we were set!! Keeping the surprise was especially tough as how do you explain certain aspects of the day while in quarantine. The perfect party was planned with the help of several people in my life.

Carley Marsteller with Stellar Creations worked with me to develop the perfect color scheme; coral, blush, and white balloons with beautiful palm fronds tucked in the arrangements.  She placed her magical creations on the loggia and coach lights.

Sabrina Renteria with Vivienne and Vine adorned our home and dining table with stunning floral arrangements built around the same color scheme. In addition, she created the perfect sign with a photo of Kennedy asking guests to “HONK” for the birthday girl! Our precious friend and talented photographer, Marnie Ellyse Lubratt captured all guests as she stood in the front of our yard social distancing at a safe distance. 

Kennedy describes this birthday as, “one of the best on record and most memorable and touching days of her life.”  She was simply blown away with the number of guests that planned and executed with signs, banners, balloons, florals, spirits, cards and so much more!


  1. Meg Plotsky says:

    Absolutely love this store of Joy 🙂

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