Holiday Cooking Essentials & Gift Guide For The Foodie

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Let’s talk about holiday kitchen essentials, especially during the holidays.  Over the years I’ve found an abundance of must-haves I simply cannot live without, as well as a few things I actually can live without.  LOL!!  Remember, I am a foodie.  I love cooking and entertaining during the holidays.  

Holiday entertaining can be overwhelming, but a great way to minimize stress during this time is to be prepared!  Make sure you have the cooking equipment, and tools you need, and then some!  Below are some of my kitchen must-haves, which also doubles as the perfect gift guide for the foodie in your life.

Top Five Essentials

This was VERY difficult to narrow down only five, but here you go! 

1. A good set of Pots and Pans. 

Top Five Cooking Essentials #willliamsonoma #potsandpans #qualitypotsandpans #nonstockpans #thanksgivingcookingessentials #holidaycookingessentials #kitchenmusthaves

Spend a little extra on these items as they will not only support your culinary skills but can often last a lifetime. I have a cast iron skillet from my great, great, great grandmother.  Yes!!  It’s true!  If it’s a non-stick that fits your lifestyle, go with a good quality non-stick that is perfect for cleaning up, great for cooking with minimal fat, and heats quickly.  I LOVE my non-stick for daily cooking!  LOVE!!  I use stainless steel when I create a sauce to ensure proper deglazing of the pan for flavor.  Cast iron is fabulous as well.  Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning!!  A MUST!  

2. Good Quality, SHARP Knives.  

I love Shun as I know when the blade begins to dull, I can sharpen back to live.  I have multiple sets of knives, but Shun is by far my favorite to date. I make sure I have a large chef/French knife that fits my hand, I have a smaller chef knife, serrated utility knife, utility knife, multiple paring knives, bread knife, slicing knife, clever, and a sharpening steel.  Shun is durable, dependable, and STUNNING!!!!  So many fabulous looks!  THE perfect gift!!  

3. Cutting Boards 

I have tried them all!!  I love a variety of cutting boards.  I do!!  I like a particular board for a particular task.  For example carving meats, I like a wood cutting board with a well to catch the juices. I like all types of synthetic cutting boards that are non-slip. Before non-slip was available, I would dampen a paper towel and place underneath the board to avoid slipping.  Thank goodness for the non-slip.  LOVE!!  

4. Measuring Cups and Spoons 

Kitchen Essentials - Measuring Cups and Spoons #holidaycookingessentials #kitchenmusthaves #measuringcups #williamsonoma #kitchenutensils #topfivekitchenessentials

I cannot even count the number of measuring cups and spoon sets I’ve had throughout my life.  They are truly a must-have for any kitchen, and are utilized frequently.  I like having multiple sizes of glass measuring cups for liquid, 1-cup, 2-cup, 4 cup sizes.  Stainless steel measuring cups for dry ingredients, stainless steel measuring spoons.  

5. Mixing Bowls

When it comes to mixing bowls, my personal favorites are typically stainless steel.  However, I also mix in a few glass and melamine bowls to add variety!  It is definitely your own preference, but having multiple sizes of mixing bowls is so important.  

Gift Guide For The Foodie

Holiday Cooking Essentials #kitchenutensils #cookingessentials #thanksgivingessentials #kitchenwareforholidays #topfivecookingessentials #kitchenmusthaves

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