Don Artemio Five-Course Wine Dinner

Don Artemio Restaurant | Five-Course Wine Dinner 

A Collaborative Event  with Pinea Wines & Chef Tiffany Blackmon 

I simply love fabulous food, especially food that is authentic, creative, leads with expression and is clever in development and design. You have possibly watched, read, and heard me discuss one of my favorite Fort Worth restaurants, Don Artemio. I am honored to announce, I am co-hosting with Don Artemio and Pinea Wines a fabulous Five-Course Wine Dinner. 

Continue reading below for more information on this incredible restaurant and event.

Please join us Tuesday, March 7th at 6:30 p.m.

Enjoy an evening of delicious wines, an exquisite menu and a guest speaker to share wine notes, food notes, and experiences. 

Gastronomy is defined as the study of the relationship between food and culture, the art of preparing and serving rich or delicate and appetizing food, the cooking styles of particular regions, and the science of good eating. Mexican gastronomy is a living expression of centuries-old cultural heritage. This is truly the essence of Don Artemio Restaurant.

I fell in love with Don Artemio Restaurant well over a year ago at the opening of their Fort Worth location. I have known General Manager and Co-Owner Adrian Burciaga for years and am so impressed with the talent he brings to the food and beverage industry and beyond; especially Don Artemio. One of many things I love about dining at Don Artemio is that it’s truly more than a meal… It’s an experience. The culinary and gastronomic affair is by far exceeded at this beautiful establishment. The food and beverage, the architectural design, and every detail collides to create an immersive Mexican contemporary atmosphere. This authentic Mexican dining experience recreates the cuisine of Northeast Mexico with contemporary airs, rich with heritage that will certainly excite your culinary senses. 

Inspired by Mexico’s traditional cuisine, Chef Juan Ramon Cardenas, together with their culinary team, are constantly exploring different techniques and looking for local ingredients to create contemporary dishes that indulge the palate. 

The architectural design is inspired by the old houses of Saltillo, Mexico typically made with clay bricks which you will actually see in the restaurant. It incorporates elements that represent icons of culture creating an immersive Mexican contemporary atmosphere. I have hosted a number of events and gatherings in the Serape Room, beautifully decorated and adorned with authentic serapes from Northeast Mexico.  

Our collaboration includes the Don Artemio team, and Pinea Wines. Co-founder of Pinea Wines, Hugo del Pozzo selected five of their beautiful wines to showcase at our dinner. 

The five-course menu is expertly curated by Don Artemio’s Chef Rodrigo Cardenas. Each course will be beautifully paired with Pinea wines to complement flavors, and textures to enhance the experience. 

During the dinner, Hugo del Pozzo will share a more in-depth glance at the wines including the terroir, the winemaking, and the journey from grape to glass. 

This dinner promises to be delicious, informative, and a beautiful experience. I invited you to take a glance at the full menu details above and join us! 

I simply can’t wait to see you there! 


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