I’m Tiffany Collins Blackmon, but my friends call me Tiffy. I am a Podcast Host, Influencer, Author, Chef, Mom, and Wife. 

Upon graduating from TCU in 1987 (GO FROGS!!), I attended Johnson & Wales University in South Carolina to study Culinary Arts. I have 3 cookbooks; 200 Best Panini Recipes, 300 Best Casserole Recipes, and Panini French. I love to travel and explore new food trends and cooking methods as this helps me in recipe development and writing for both myself and clients.

My husband Greg and I split our time between Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. We have a precious fur baby named LaLa, a two-year-old Bichon Frisee from Los Angeles (LA), hence her namesake. My daughter Kennedy is a senior at TCU, yes- we bleed purple, and my best girlfriend. Greg’s children, Chelsea and Alex live near us in Fort Worth and are #hornedfrogs too! Through Chelsea, we have our 2 precious grandchildren; Ava, 12 and Pearson, 10.

I am all about health and staying young! Fitness is a HUGE part of my life. In my younger years I taught many forms of exercise, now I can just enjoy. I do reformer Pilates 3x a week and personal training 3x a week, with a sprinkle of cardio for good measure. I have a history of back issues but have finally found the perfect fitness routine to accommodate my aging spine. Finding knowledgeable trainers was key. I dislike the word “diet” so I call it “food plans” and trust me, I have tried them all! I have heard advice from trainers, physicians, healthcare professionals, colleagues, and friends but I know what works for me and encourage you to do what works for you too.

My passion for style, fashion, decorating, cooking, and interior design drove me to pursue my newest creative outlet; hosting a podcast, My So-Called Fabulous, and lifestyle blogging in my 50’s! I am proof that you can achieve your goals and create new ones, even after 50! I began My So-Called Fabulous in January 2020 after being encouraged by many friends and family due to my deep desire to connect with people on a personal level and share the journey’s of so many people I am blessed to know and meet in this life. It’s been the most rewarding experience and I cannot thank my guests and listeners more for supporting me on this journey.

In addition to being an author and chef, I am also a professional speaker and media-trained for TV & radio. I LOVE being in front of the camera! I have a passion for detail in every facet of my life and strong opinions on cooking equipment, place settings, linens, and workout clothes, not-to-mention an addiction to shoes…wait until you see my closet!! I also adore entertaining and having people in my home, as making connections and new friends is really what life is all about! Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy what I have to share.